We Want You to Know

Keep Your Fork, There's Pie

Please enjoy We Want You To Know We are so fortunate to have recorded this album at Klickitat Band Camp studios utilizing the classic sounds captured by 2 inch analog tape, through equipment that would make any historical collector envious, and by tapping into the genius of owner/producer Shay Scott. This is the second KYFTP album recorded at KBC Records, and we can’t wait to get our beautifully produced vinyl album and digital downloads into the hands, hearts, and ears of our sweet pie forking community. This new album stays true to KYFTP’s collaborative process and unique diversity of sound and arrangement. Enjoy the smooth ride and variety that makes We Want You To Know that hot slice of goodness perfect for delivering the special vibe you are looking for.
Keep Your Fork, There's Pie is a band, but it is foremost a group of people who come together to share support, love, and laughter. Three native Kansans: Amy Jo McCarville, Denell Fahy Graham, and Nathan Earle, together with Tobias Lawrence, Gage Reeves, and James Klatt express personal experiences with a decidedly hopeful turn. Compared to "Sly and the Family Stone on a front porch" by the Portland Mercury, Keep Your Fork effortlessly blends styles and instrumentation like the ingredients in a secret family pie recipe. Sometimes you can't tell exactly what you are tasting, but you know it's so good it makes you close your eyes and deeply exhale.. Since their earliest recording Live at Mississippi Studios, they quickly went on to win the Arcata, California music video What the Pop contest. Music from their first studio album, Homespun, was chosen as theme music for a baker's dozen of weddings. Keep Your Fork There's Pie music can be found on Facebook currently, and The Big Ol' Hearts website. Come down to the next show, grab a slice of pie, and walk away feeling warm and rosy.

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