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Greetings ,
    We are the Big Ol' Hearts, a Portland band that will pop you out of the perpetual vitD pursuit with natural rays of nutritious human made sunlight.  This troupe brings original pop, folk and country--pop folktry, if you will--and brings it with playfulness and a warmth of heart.  The Big Ol' Hearts lean on the previous 8 years of collaboration, a multitude of performances in the Portland area, and the recording of 3 albums as the charmcore sextet Keep Your Fork, There's Pie.  Continuing in that familiar, local-feel, good-time tradition, when you get a Big Ol' Heart tune-up, you'll carry the joy with you for a while. Come out to a Big Ol' Hearts show and you'll see an old souled, modern musical carousel full of voices and laughs, squeezeboxes and strings, upbeats and keys, low tones and the sweet sounds of home.  Bring the friends you want to keep, the lovers you'd like to land, and your kids, to the biggest pulse in town....The Big Ol' Hearts.

Thump Thump,


Horseflies are biting me but all around me all I see is beauty”

— The Big Ol’ Hearts

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